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During the All-Star  break, we're baffled by a lot of things. Kevin Durant hates the media, Charles Barkley hates analytics, and Melo hates efficiency. Tune in!



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What the F*** Just Happened? Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant "took aim at the media" over the All-Star break.

It fell very much in the Marshawn Lynch vein.

Julien Rodger correctly assessed that Durant had indeed pulled a "heel turn."

As Patrick notes, Durant's "turn" is not sudden. He showed some signs against Dwight Howard a few months ago.

Embracing narratives with heroes and villains is something I wish the NBA was more willing to do. The Bad Boy Pistons of the 80s are a perfect example.

I cited the ESPN Watch in regards to Marshawn Lynch and some of the race double standards. While the ESPN Watch does great work, I think I actually meant Vox here.

I initially think Kevin Durant's attitude felt forced and as a PR move. Patrick talks me out of it. Maybe Durant is just upset and fed up at a bad season.

Durant unleashed on Chris Palmer a few weeks ago.

I will say, Collison has been underrated most of his career. That said, he's in his mid 30s and declining, so maybe Palmer had a point?

What the F*** Just Happened? Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley decided to fight with Daryl Morey and declare analytics were stupid. This got some pushback

Dr. J's autobiography is a great example of a Philadelphia 76er great understanding the importance of analytics (at least the right ones.) Dr. J also understood how meaningless sideline commenting was.

Gregg Popovich sums up overreacting to small sample size:

To clarify - we can very clearly explain the impact of a player's actions in very small samples. However, we can't infer a ton from these small samples.

A fun tangent - Paul Shirley played a mere one possession on his guest spot on "Ground Floor", his WP48 was quite good:

Patrick has a few counterpoints to Charles Barkley's arguments "against" analytics.

I had a problem with "analytics experts" piling on Charles Barkley:

A lot of "analytics" is just team mentality. I often notice there's not so much analysis as there is "My team vs. your team."

I have a metaphor for scoring efficiently and playing tennis. Patrick does not think it's a good metaphor. Tune in and decide!

What the F*** Just Happened? Carmelo Anthony

Melo said he was "playing for the fans" in the All-Star game. We call B.S.

Melo is saying it was a burden to play in the All-Star game is a lot like players acting like it's a burden to take lots of shots. When you want to do something, it's hard to buy it's a that much of a sacrifice.

All-Star Recap - Melo got 14 points on 20 shots in 30 minutes. Kyle Korver? 21 points on 12 shots in 15 minutes!

Reminder, Melo was "recruiting" for New York at the All-Star game. How do you think that went? Take it away ESPN Stats and Info:

We point out that Melo's game isn't even that exciting to watch. A team like the Warriors, we want to see!

Slight tangent, I'm off on Norm Nixon, he was a star pre-Magic but dropped off after Magic took over at point guard.


We use the term "mailbag in a broad sense."

Patrick was surprised that our poll between James Dolan and Dan Gilbert was as close as it was.

Art Rondeau (@ArtRondeau) had a fantastic open letter to James Dolan about his issues running the Knicks.

Robert Currence had even more insight into just how bad James Dolan is:

Shout Outs

Robert Currence, see directly above, gets my shout out for the great insight on James Dolan. I love followers who have even more info on the NBA.

Kevin Draper(@kevinmdraper) gets my other shoutout for his amazing Deadspin piece about Yahoo Sports' iffy decision to cut down a Kelly Dwyer piece over a Dan Gilbert joke.

Key Sang(@Phantele) gets Patrick's shoutout for hisgreat piece on Zach Lavine's Slam Dunk contest win.

Stephen Curry gets a shoutout from Patrick for his incredible performance in the three-point shooting contest.

Mo'ne Davis gets a shoutout for her snub in the All-Star celebrity game. Kevin Hart, really?

Rest in peace Jerry Tarkanian, who gets a shoutout from Brian for among many achievements, his battles with the NCAA.

Dean Smith also gets a shoutout; another big college coach, who's achievements off the court were arguably more impressive.