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We interview Molly Cosby, the Chief Editor of the new site:, which is a women's run sports site that has great content from personal experiences, sports economics, and more.



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If you have checked it out yet, you need to head over to I'd even recommend heading there now, reading over their archive and coming back! The basic premise of the Ladies League is writing about sports experiences and fandom from women.

If you have any interest in writing or helping out, you can do so at

The Ladies League already has an excellent collection of personal experience stories, including one from an athletic trainer and one from a football kicker.

The Ladies League has all of the WNBA wins produced data! We're obviously very happy about this, as Patrick is a Storm season ticket holder. Also, if you haven't, check out his interview with Storm head coach Jenny Boucek.

We talk the shocking lack of coverage of women's sports. Of course, seeing as there was a point in 2014 where a female little league pitcher became a star, it's doubtful that people "don't want to watch."

Molly is from the state of Texas and has been a Dallas Cowboys fan her whole life. Of course, it turns out that span of time has been filled without much success. We're assured future articles about the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones are coming.

Molly has written two excellent articles on the idea of being a real fan and giving "fandom tests." Her most recent post, on "faking the O" is one of my favorite on the subject.

Dave Berri has provided some advice and the WNBA data to the Ladies League. He says he's basically like a pro-sports coach, in that he's largely unnecessary. He equates his contribution to this fantastic Gregg Popovich scene.

Here's a list of the Ladies League contributors. Make sure to follow them, and of course head over to!