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The Boxscore Geeks Show: One Man Teams

We talk top box scores of the week (they're back!), George Karl's recent book and comments, Jae Crowder vs. Gordon Hayward, the Nuggets "poor leadership," and Rajon Rondo's role on the Bulls.



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Video Show

Show Notes

We talk about the top ten box scores of the week, in particular, James Harden and Giannis Antetokounmpo. We also note just how much the Rockets, Bucks, and Clippers are really one-man bands.

We talk some of George Karl's recent comments. He's released a new book (which I intend to read and comment on more). We discuss some comments he made in an interview about Damian Lillard.

We talk an odd comparison. Apparently, some Celtics fans seem to like Gordon Hayward more than Jae Crowder. We talk how really they're about the same regarding production (meaning they're both great.) That said, Jae Crowder's contract is much much much better than Gordon Hayward's contract.

Mike Malone blames some of the Nuggets woes on veteran leadership. Our alternate theory? Maybe the Nuggets need a legit point guard, including not giving so many minutes and shots to Emmanual Mudiay, who has lost the Nuggets many many games this season.

We talk Rajon Rondo being benched in Chicago for poor play. While Rondo is a far cry from his top play, he's actually one of the few decent players on the Bulls. Also, the Bulls roster construction is a bit odd, especially given their complete lack of three-point shooters.

Shout Outs

Not an official shout out, but Brian gives props to the 2016 movie box office and Disney in particular for having a stellar year.

I shout out Pretzel Maker, the best pretzel shop in the mall. You may hear me munching on some cinnamon-sugar pretzel bites through out the show.

Brian shouts of Vicious Syndicate, an esports analytics company for smacking down some foolish criticism.

Brian shouts out Javale McGee for calling out Shaq's criticisms.