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The Boxscore Geeks Show: Art Rondeau Re-Returns

Art Rondeau is back to talk Kristaps Porzingis, NBA shooting, and Lonzo Ball!



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Show Notes

Kristaps Porzingis is below average -- check out his player comparison here.

Art has some insight on subtle tweaks Porzingis could make to his game to become a productive player.

We mention Tim Duncan used the backboard for his offense and this could help out Kristaps.

Art has a fun defensive terminology for how Porzingis should play: "T-Rex Arms."

This upcoming draft has many players that are bad at free throws. Art has some theories about why college players don't get as much focus on free throw shooting. A fantastic point Art makes too is that many young players try to focus on getting a bulkier upper body to look good for the draft. Of course, changing your body mass impacts your balance, which impacts free throws. This smacked very much of Moneyball biases still affecting players.

We do discuss Lonzo Ball and his shot. Tune in!

You can follow Art on Twitter to see what he's up to. We, of course, bring up the Allan Houston Case Study, which shows one of the biggest impacts of coaching I've seen in NBA data. Check it out if you haven't.