Daily Trivia and the Boxscore Geeks Show

Alright, so an update on blogging plans. We've been sparse in regards to written content around here. I plan to rectify this - kind of. I'll be blogging regularly at nerdnumbers.com, Monday-Thursday from now on (starting today). The topics will likely be NBA, but it may also be whatever strikes my fancy. The reason is simple technology and time. We have our own Ruby on Rails blogging tools that Patrick made. While these are great, they just don't have the features Wordpress does, and neither Patrick or my time has time to update blogging tech, let alone all the basketball tools we want to work on too. So I'll be using my nerdnumbers.com blog for content, and we'll hopefully have time to advance some of the tools around here.

With that said, the trivia. The Rockets are currently shooting under 10% of their shots from 10-16 feet, under 5% of their shots from 16 feet to the three-point line, and over 50% of their shots from three. Truly the most impressive shot selection team in NBA history (if they keep it up!)

And with that, here's a link to the Boxscore Geeks show for this week. Sadly it was recorded before all the trade craziness of today. At least until I've had a few weeks of posting at nerdnumbers, I'll probably post trivia posts with links to my posts over there. Hope that works!