Chris Paul vs Derrick Rose, revisited

It's incredibly, absurdly, amazingly early...but take a look at the most productive players three days into the 2013-14 NBA season:

  1. Chris Paul, 0.8 Wins
  2. Michael Carter-Williams, 0.7 Wins

And then take a look at the least productive players so far:

  1. Derrick Rose, -0.6 Wins

It's settled then: Derrick Rose is the worst point guard in the league and Michael Carter-Williams will win rookie of the year!

Such are the perils of small sample sizes. That, and the difficulty of returning to the NBA after missing an entire year with a serious injury.

If you are interested in seeing how these players earned their wins (or losses), you should try using the player comparison tool. Here is the link to compare Paul, Rose, and Carter-Williams.