Boxscore Geeks 2018 Portfolio: 2 more games

As I promised on Friday, here's a little recap of what happened over the weekend relevant to the portfolio:

Toronto clinched the Atlantic division. This bet paid 3.75:1, which means that this added another $475 to the portfolio payout.

Denver inched closer to beating the over by defeating the Clippers and I now only need them to win one more game, which I am feverishly hoping will be tonight's game against the Trailblazers. Unfortunately, this victory also eliminated the Clippers from hitting the over.

Detroit beat the Mavericks to get within one game of the over, then turned around and did the nearly impossilbe by losing to the Grizzlies. They now play the Raptors tonight and the Bulls tomorrow. I am significantly more pessimistic about this one than I was yesterday.

Boston kept very slim hopes alive by somehow managing to lose to the Hawks. They play the Wizards and the Nets. It feels unlikely that they will lose both.

The Knicks continue to piss me off. It feels very unlikely that they will beat the Cavs once (for me to break even), let alone twice (for me to win).

Brooklyn beat the Bulls for step 1. I now need them to beat the Bulls again today and the Celtics on Wednesday. See above.

After the above, the Portfolio's current payout is $3431.83.

And now the big one: the Jazz beat the Lakers, and the Blazers lost to the Spurs, which means that the Jazz have inched within one game of the Northwest division lead. For them to win it, the following events must happen:

  • The Blazers must lose to the Nuggets tonight OR the Jazz must beat the Warriors tomorrow
  • AND
  • The Jazz must beat the Blazers on Wednesday

This isn't a likely combination of events, so it is a good thing my payout is 30-to-1 if it happens (side note: I am now willing to sell this $100 ticket for $500). As I mentioned above, I am really rooting hard for the Nuggets tonight, because if they win, that makes the Jazz/Warriors game Tuesday irrelevant. In that scenario, the Jazz could rest a couple of players so that the Wednesday back-to-back isn't as brutal.

Plus, that way I can start making plans for the viewing party for Wednesday night's game!