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The Boxscore Geeks Show: the Sterling Ban

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Brief Notes

We're on to talk the NBA playoffs, with a heavy dose of the Sterling ban first. A few notes:

Magic Johnson did indeed lay into D'Antoni. There's something about the otherwise friendly Magic that makes him hate coaches in Los Angeles

Bomani Jones has a great soundbyte in regards to why the uproar over Sterling's recent racism are amazingly naive in regards to history.

As a random note, Arturo says he thinks the Thunder are going down in the playoffs. He recorded this before they evened it up 3-3, so we'll see what happens in game 7!

Sterling was supposed to ban Sterling for PR. I wonder how long the ban lasts. The tape issue isn't that big of a deal like people make it out to be. Bomani's take has been the best so far. I'm going with Dre. The owners condoned Sterling's actions. Some of the other owners have weird discriminatory issues also. Cuban's thug remark to Kenyon Martin and having to apologize to him and his mother, the dress code, and age limit are just a few things.
"... So, if we’re all going to be outraged, let’s be outraged that we weren’t more outraged when his racism was first evident. ..."

Even if Silver's hands are not clean with respect to Sterling's history, he has much more discretion now that he's promoted, and so I think he can rightly get away with the 'new sheriff in town' play this once. (Cynically speaking, this is a pretty solid power play for Silver. Only time will tell if this is just window dressing for the new management, or the start of a sea change.)
Digging the Kim Jong Un look, Dre. Immortal exploits of the generalissimos, ya herd.
If Korean dictators start wearing Mario t-shirts with Quora fleeces, you know who started the trend :)

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