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The Boxscore Geeks Show: MVPs!

Tune in to hear Dre and Brian discuss Russell Westbrook's triple-doubles (again!?), Rudy Gobert and other snubbed MVPs, the playoff scene, and ESPN's win probability addition to the scoreboard.

All the geeks are back to discuss resting players, overrated/underrated MVP candidates, and defense!



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Video Show

Show Notes

Even more Russell Westbrook triple-double talk!

Rudy Gobert and other MVP snubs.

The NBA playoff picture.

ESPN's Win Probabilities on MLB game scores.

What happened to BGS #149? I watched BGS #150 on but it also wasn't posted here.
Here's #149, it's from 3/15:
Thank you!
I'm not always right. I had Gonzaga winning it all. I also had thought Miami would win the just a guesser like everybody else. The Houston/ Harden thing was obvious though.
Where's the link to 150? I feel like I must just be missing something but I'm not seeing it among the articles.
#150 -
I just saw an article which says the cavs have a secret lineup wherein LeBron, korver,Jefferson, Derrick Williams and frye, so I was like really this is the supposed terrifying lineup? Because if I compare that to warrior lineup of Durant,green,curry, Thompson,igoudala/Livingston the warriors super lineup is still much stronger.
Hey guys, I love the player comparison tool. Really neat and it runs very fast. Seems like some good coding behind it. I use it all the time.

Anyway, I was thinking you could add a list of short cuts for each draft class. There is plenty of room on the page under your short cut tab and I assume the coding would be very similar to what you already do for current draft class. Seems like that would be a useful feature for when folks want to compare 2nd years to 2nd years, 3rd years to 3rd years, etc. Folks like us who look at analytical side of NBA are constantly wondering about how draft classes would be "re-drafted", or wondering how guys are developing compared to their peers and this would be a fun shortcut!

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