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The Boxscore Geeks Show: Moana vs. Frozen

We break down: the second round of the playoffs, the future of NBA media, Lonzo Ball's shoe deal, my Kobe hate, and Moana vs. Frozen.



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Show Notes

We talk the NBA Playoffs. Tune in for some highlights including:

  • Playoff LeBron James is sick. Playing over 40 minutes a game while the rest of the East plays regular season rotations has been the difference.
  • We want to see Houston vs. Golden State, and Brian is afraid of the Spurs (despite their iffy play outside of Kawhi). Of course, the Spurs game back from a ten point deficit (as of our recording) to win in OT thanks to ... Manu Ginobili? If Kawhi is hurt though, it may not mean much
  • The Jazz with George Hill weren't a match for the Warriors. Without him, it wasn't even close. If they lose this year, it will be a colossal meltdown.
  • Celtics vs. the Wizards just helps reinforce how bad the top of the East was this year. Also, neither team has a star at LeBron's level for the conference finals.

We talk Patrick's article about Tyler Cowen's mis-take on the problem with NBA media. We also discuss a fun conversation between Sam and Arturo on Twitter about how the most current NBA CBA has incorrect assumptions about how much revenue players can make from their contract vs. sponsorships, etc.

We talk Lonzo Ball and LaVar Ball's custom shoes. I recommend checking out ESPN's 30 for 30: Broke about many of the problems at play here. My take: LaVar is essentially the NCAA personified.

I've had plenty of Kobe shade in my blogging career. A while back I said he wasn't a top 20 all-time player. This week I noted he's never been top five in the NBA.

Another "hot take" I have on this week's show - Moana is a better movie than Frozen! I don't disagree "Let It Go" is a better song, but I'll even say it fits in less well than any of the songs in Moana.

I agree with Kobe being overrated, but tell that to the average NBA fan and you'll be eviscerated with insults like 'you dont know basketball' etc etc its useless trying to convince them...
Moana is just a watered down version of Frozen.
Not only was Kobe never a top 5 player, he was never a "star" player according the the WoW definition (WP48>.200). Not once!

Clashes a bit with the fact that he was elected 1st Team All-NBA 11 times.
^ compare this with the fact that on ESPN First Take you have guests that regularly come in and say that Kobe is the greatest player ever (yes ahead of even Jordan). I just watch with disbelief lol. He's the most overrated player in NBA history and really only Iverson comes close...
If that's a pun, it's brilliant :) I still hold that as a cohesive story with character development it's better than Frozen. Of course, any "kids movie" being cookie cutter won't make me too upset.
there is an article in bballbreakdown which talked about how the spurs is doing more midrange shots while most of the teams are shooting 3's and how the spurs are posting up more when the league has become more pick n roll so it got me thinking when it comes to an offensive/defensive system should it be based on your personnel or should it be "i want 7 seconds or less offense and it doesnt matter what type of players do we have"?
Although I'm a kobe hater I can't ignore the fact that he was the go-to-guy of 2 championship teams. This and yay points automatically make him a top 10 all time player for most casual fans.
We have a potentially classic twin towers vs small-ball game today. Will Pachulia and McGee see more playing time, or will Gasol and Aldridge see less?
Are you sure that your player evaluation system is properly measuring Al Horford and what he brings to a team? Celtics finished with the #1 record in the East this season and Isaiah Thomas had a huge career year, Hawks were very good for a number of years while he was a mainstay, Florida won two national championships... meanwhile, here is a sampling of players with higher WP/48 minutes this season according to your system:

Justin Anderson
Spencer Dinwiddie
James Ennis
Glenn Robinson III
Nene Hilario
David Lee
Joakim Noah
Dwight Powell
Kyle O'Quinn
Amir Johnson
Cody Zeller
Willy Hernangomez
Dewayne Dedmon
Thabo Sefolosha
Andre Roberson
Tony Allen
Joe Ingles
Elfrid Payton
Rajon Rondo
Jeremy Lamb
Kenneth Faried

I would love to see that people who are presented with a "Kobe Bryant is not even one of the x best players of all time much less the greatest of all time" argument are not able to glance over your ratings and see Al Horford rated lower than the players listed above, because the anti-Kobe argument becomes immediately discredited, in my opinion.

Although I keep returning to this site as I feel that you are on to something, but I do think it needs some tweaking. Certain player types are seemingly overvalued, others are seemingly undervalued. I am not a diehard Horford fan but he's a much more valuable player than Dwight Powell!
"player x is not better than player y because he cant shoot off the dribble in other words only players who can iso are worth of being called mvp"

the advantage of horford is aside from shooting he is also really good at passing and defense so he isnt just a yay points guy but a multi skilled player however let us say that horford is indeed better than the names mentioned above i dont know how that discredits "kobe is not the goat" argument because my complain about kobe isnt really about his numbers but rather how he plays, on offense his iso's is not only because it makes him shoot less accurately but it also makes his teammates just stand around now a fan might say he won 2 championships being an iso guy but then it is worth asking if gasol, odom and bynum hadnt been there to dominate the boards and intimidate their opponents's shots how successful would his iso ways have been and based on the 05-07 seasons it actually didnt look good plus on the defensive side while he was a good on ball defender his off ball defense was shaky there were lot of time he would help one pass away, he would defend the wrong guy or leave his man for an open lane to the basket.
Lebron is the best player of all time. Barring injury, it won't even be close. M.J. sat out two years, of his prime, due to his baseball career or he was suspended for gambling. Regardless, that's two years of production. M.J. played three years of college. Lebron played zero. That's five extra seasons for Lebron, just to start. It's quite likely that Lebron will play productively, past the time when M.J. started going down hill and then retired. Lebron may have ten extra seasons on M.J.
wow derozan on an all nba team seriously? over chris paul who is not only excellent at offense but also on defense and playmaking, he missed 21 games? well then how about gordon hayward? aside from playing really well he was only out for just 9 games so from a talent and a health standpoint then surely hayward should have gotten an all nba selection.
DeRozan scored 27.3 points per game. Yay points!
CP3 obviously deserved it, but what about Lowry too! IT shouldn't be on the second team. AD over Gobert is bad.
there are 2 things i hear a lot:

1. "anyone who does not make lebron top 3 in mvp is a fool"- i agree if we are talking about playoffs but this is a regular season mvp award and since he does not take reg seasons too seriously then of course his numbers would be lower.

2. from arturo "ugh howard or noel could have been better for the celtics"- better individual players? maybe but would it have been enough to beat the cavs? after all cavs best 6> any best 6 in the east i mean you could argue that they should have gotten noel but in order to compete with the cavs then maybe a noel-butler-hayward-bradley/crowder-it combination must happen.
Noel would be pretty huge since his strengths are defense and the Celtics 2nd biggest problem besides not hitting open shots the first game and a quarter was their interior defense not being able to hold its own, which led to issues on the perimeter.

Also, the move the Celtics really probably should have made was for a Tyson Chandler & PJ Tucker package. Pretty big upgrade over Amir and the Jerebko-Green combo.
i agree noel would help but until they get a star ala butler then even trading for noel wouldnt be enough
On ESPN they had a debate about Lebron vs Kobe and not surprisingly to me (due to popular media narrative about Kobe being more clutch and yay points!), Kobe was by far the winner amongst Youtube commenters... but thats the average fan that doesn't look beyond raw points

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