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The Boxscore Geeks Show: Lonzo! Lonzo! Lonzo!

Chris Yeh returns to talk the Lakers and Lonzo Ball.



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Show Notes

Chris was on before the draft and Summer League to discuss Lonzo Ball. Check it out.

True story - Chris watched the draft lottery and was cheering them getting the #2 pick to the confusion of his family.

Markelle Fultz may be the "worst" #1 pick in NBA Draft history if we go by team record.

We talk Joel Embiid and how we agree he has looked like a star ... for ten games. Let's wait a bit before we crown him a win.

We discuss some good Lakers history to watch/read:

Random note, why the hell isn't A.C. Green's jersey retired?

Also, Earl Jones is the Lakers' Center mistake I bring up on the show and can't think of.

We discuss the concept of "gravity" in the NBA - (how much a player stretches the D). We have no problem with this idea, but point out that if a player is inefficient, or doesn't take advantage of a stretched D, it is not intrinsically valuable.

We talk Lonzo Ball's Summer League play. This tweet summed up the progression:

Thanks to RealGM for having the Summer League Stats.

Lonzo Ball's shooting was "bad" for Summer League but in a promising way. He shot above 50% from two. His bad shooting was due to his horrendous three-point shooting (he shot 23.8%!) But the "good" news is he took almost half his shots from three. Meaning, he had great shot selection, and possible was just cold for a six game stretch from three. Side note, Kyle Kuzma in college was bad from three but rocked Summer League.

It's worth your time to YouTube some of Lonzo Ball's Summer League highlights if you haven't. We recommend starting with the "punch pass."

We discuss Chris Yeh's old article on Magic Johnson - "The Magic Effect."

We talk about Paul George and the hilarious failure of the Cavaliers. We also pat the Thunder on the back for making a trade we think was all right.

We forgot to talk KCP!

We talk what I call "The Ray Allen Effect" in regards to if Paul George (currently an average player) can bring a star player with him to Los Angeles. Chris summed it up well: "If someone brings a supermodel to the club, everybody's happy.", which is also Chris' theory for why the Warriors signed Nick Young (for off the court, not on it, however).

I didn't realize the Bulls traded the rights to Jordan Bell to the Warriors. The Bulls absolutely failed the offseason.

We talk the Spurs and what's been going on recently. I speculate the end of the St. Louis Spirit deal may have impacted some of the Spurs signing strategies. The answer may be simpler.

We always bring up some of our film love. Side note, is there a better player/actor than Rick Fox?

Dr J. Way better player than Rick Fox. Awesome in "the fish that saved Pittsburgh."
what is the Ray Allen Effect?
Speaking of that 80's Lakers what happened to norm nixon? He was quite good during his first 2 seasons but declined after, was it because of the arrival of magic? Was it because of injuries?
The Ray allen effect? I don't know if Nick young signing is similar to that because allen was a very good just not great player while young is just terrible so from 1980- present let's look at some of the stars (wins produced + yay points) who went to another team because of an overrated player:

1. Moses to Philly-dr j,cheeks,Jones so no
2. Barkley to phoenix-again Kevin and majerle were productive players so no.
3. Shaq to la and Miami-for la I feel like it was more of he was unhappy in Orlando and he just liked Jerry a lot (plus bigger market in la) and for Miami didn't like that Kobe was being more favored plus wade was a promising young talent.
4. Garnett to boston-again established that Allen was very good
5. LeBron to cleveland-well maybe it's because of Kyrie or maybe because hey Love's contact was up in Minnesota so they could acquire him.
6. Durant to warriors- 2 time finalist (1 title) team with curry and green.

So I don't know if we could call it the Ray Ray effect .
The Lakers traded Norm Nixon, who was a very good point guard, because they had Magic Johnson, who was the greatest point guard of all time. The deal was Nixon for the draft pick that became Byron Scott. Scott was the prototypical backcourt partner for Magic--an undersized SG who could guard PGs. Those 80s Lakers ran an unusual defense where Scott would guard PGs, Worthy would guard SGs, and Magic would guard SFs. The Lakers also sometimes had AC Green guards particularly physical Cs when Kareem didn't want to tangle with them.
On KCP: We briefly mentioned how KCP was an upgrade over D'Angelo Russell because while KCP is an average player, D'Angelo is a below-average player, so the Lakers probably pick up 5 wins in that transaction.

I also think that KCP is being brought in to play the Byron Scott role; he's shorter than Lonzo, and will probably be called on to guard Steph, Westbook, Lillard, Fox, etc.
Earl Jones is old school! In Jerry West's defense, it was a pretty crappy bottom of the draft:

The top of the draft was truly legendary (Olajuwon, Jordan, Barkley) with John Stockton falling all the way to #16. But the only decent players taken after Jones were the late Jerome Kersey (gone too soon!) and Ken "The Animal" Bannister.
@chris yeh: Norm Nixon/Byron Scott trade is one of many tangled tales between the Lakers/Clippers history. Weirdly, the Lakers run of success from the 1980's on require Sterling helping Buss buy the Lakers. (I'm convinced that without Buss, there is no Showtime Lakers even with Magic. Cannot see Jack Kent Cooke running the team the same way. Disclaimer - I am a Redskins fan so I followed Cooke back in the day.)

Tie ins include Sterling helping Buss buy the team, Buss vouching for Sterling to buy the Clippers, Nixon/Scott trade, Clippers "sharing" a Laker logo, sharing staples center, Chris Paul trade, and now Mr. Logo and all time Laker Jerry West coming to the Clippers. Of course the contrast between the Lakers historical success and Clippers dismal records on the court.
Whew, Tim Duncan! He was 37yo and put 30 points up against the Heat in a losing finals effort.
Ok I understand that nixon did not have fit or synergy with magic but when he was traded and became the sole point guard of the clippers why wasn't he able to become a good player again?
Nixon had one great year for the Lakers (78-79), largely driven by shooting 54% (a figure he never approached again). After that, he was below par. His first year with the Clippers was actually better than his last year with the Lakers.
Is it too much of a stretch to compare Ball to Jason Kidd? And a couple of my favorite Laker moments: Jerry West telling Pat Riley he didn't want a team full of "milk drinkers" and an incident between Xavier McDaniel and Wes Matthews (there's a picture still floating around the 'net).
The Lakers have this unwritten rule that they only retire numbers of Hall of Fame players. It explains why guys like AC Green, Michael Cooper, and Byron Scott aren't in the rafters. Wilkes only made it after he was elected to the Hall. Shaq is the only number retired before he was elected, but he was a lock.
Looking back at the teams who the Lakers in the 80's faced in the conf finals who was more disappointing? The rockets/Mavs whose rise was derailed by some key players getting arrested/cocain or was it the blazers who had a lot of talent but took until the early 90's before they took off?
iceman234: At least the Olajuwon Rockets eventually won two championships, and the Blazers played in the NBA Finals. Those Dallas Mavericks (Derek Harper, Rolando Blackmon, Sam Perkins, Mark Aguirre, James Donaldson, Roy Tarpley--all named from memory!) never managed either.

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