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The Boxscore Geeks Show: Heaven and Hell

We talk the CBA, CP3, the Warriors, and why Andrew Wiggins just isn't that good.



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Show Notes

We talk my article on "Advanced Analytics Tropes," in particular the fact that we overlook that the "eye test" has a bias if you go by the film. Whoever the camera operator is dictates the view. I feel this isn't brought up enough.

We talk Colin Kaepernick's kneel again. Namely, Admrial Harris' Pearl Harbor remarks. We note the lack of black athletes in North American sports during World War II. Reminder, the Boston Red Sox didn't integrate until almost the 1960s!

The NBA CBA has been tentatively agreed to. We talk a little about it. One question is will the D-League get competitive salaries for players that don't want to go the NCAA route?

We discuss Bryce Harper's contract. Obviously, MLB contracts are largely topical.

The Warriors, despite all the fanfare, are worse than last season. Should fans still be psyched? Also, is Klay the odd man out?

Chris Paul is easily the NBA MVP this season. It's not close. We discuss why he might be snubbed in the eyes of some.

We talk how Andrew Wiggins is just not a good player. Something others are coming around to. Does that mean he'll never be good? Well, hard to say, but I wouldn't be optimistic, he clearly isn't worth the Kevin Love deal now, though.

Shout Outs

Patrick shouts out the sickest dunk of the year (courtesy of Steven Davis)!

I shout out Steve Hoffstetter for a great bit and response to a heckler on police violence.

I remember someone saying that we had seen enough of Wiggins to let him go. He has trade value so you could trade him for a undervalued rotation player or upcoming prospect. In the words of the Professor Berri: "If he didn't dominate non NBA competition, what makes you think he will in the NBA?" (Paraphrasing...I know)
You guys should have Danny Leroux on to talk CBA.
Deanondraft wrote about how Wiggins is a bust then got flack for using the term bust. He eventually bowed out on his original position because of the "backlash". I read his blog for a different take on the draft than ESPN and draft express. Even though he doesn't think WP is a good metric, I have a good back and forth with him from time to time.
Were you planning on leaving a direct link to the mp3? I've really enjoyed that since you added it (and thanks for listening to feedback on that one!).
That was the main reason I wanted to talked Wiggins, even though I agree with Patrick he's just a young guy that isn't that good, calling him a bust is too heavy handed.
I'll just say this much: Andrew Wiggins' performance is further evidence that Cavs' GM Chris Grant knows how to absolutely swindle other teams. Swindling the Knicks out of JR Smith and Iman Shumpert was relatively easy, because the Knicks really don't seem to have any clear idea how to evaluate players, but to rip off Minnesota's top player for an unproven rookie took some real hoodwinking.

That said, the Cavs have made some big mistakes in the draft in the past. Don't ask me, ask Anthony Bennett and Dion Waiters.

Rookie mistake! Of course, if you subscribe you'll always get the show :) That said, updated.
Danny Leroux on The Boxscore Geeks Show. He cried in a whisper at this image, at this vision—he cried out twice, a cry that was no more than a breath: "The horror! The horror!2"

Thanks so much! If you had a service which I could subscribe to and download the mp3 I'd do it since I appreciate all the content you guys provide without really asking for anything in return. That being said I view iTunes as one of the worst services available and I do like having a local mp3 since I normally listen while playing games. Well... I guess iTunes and Flash player are sort of a tossup for me but I dislike the iTunes interface more.
The value of klay was shooting but then now that you have Durant the true best shooter of all time (apologies to Mr. Curry) then having klay isn't much of an advantage.
Meh, I feel more shooting never hurts. What does hurt is not having a decent defensive center on the roster. Green is amazing but he both needs to rest occasionally and there are some players he has trouble with. I think the team misses Bogut and misses some of their bench depth about as much as they gained with Durant... that being said I think they are fine and "Don't Panic" should remain the operational instructions.

Obviously I would take Durant over Klay but I also think they're fine with him out there. He is that sort of player (like J.R. Smith) that I would love to argue against because he's streaky but when he's on he can really win a game. I guess the question always comes down to if his down times cause enough damage to negate the ability to win a game or two in a seven game series and I'd guess the answer is probably no.
The crazy thing is that Pachulia/McGee has been better than Bogut/Ezeli so far this season. There's a lot of what ifs involved with that, Ezeli being hurt and everyone being on different teams confunds it, but considering the dollars involved it has worked out for the Warriors.

Durant, West, Pachulia, and Green are all having career highs in shot blocking to make up for Bogut leaving, and they are leading the league as a team in blocks which is unexpected.
well i think klay does not necessarily hurt the warriors but one of the ways to address lack of defensive bigs is strengthening the perimeter defense which means that the wings will stall the offensive player long enough that the weakside defender will have tmore time to help.
They have been excellent defensively so far. That being said defensive success is partially a team stat and having to try to make up for his Mavs teammates cannot be easy on Bogut.
Honestly the talk is becoming Durant and curry are so good anyway that even if you get a wing worse than klay the warriors will still lead the NBA.
Holy smokes, Kevin Durant! 3 point shooting, rebounds AND blocks?
"Hey KD, we need you to carry us on defense AND offense this year, sound good?"

"I got your back, bros."
Y'know, it looks like GSW is paying attention to the work done by sites like this. Their block rate and 3pt dfg% suggest they're taking away layups and 3's and giving up the mid-range game. To do those things you have to take away the shot/pass on the perimeter and force the dribble and have guys on the weak side smart/athletic enough to rotate and help. That defensive strategy also puts a premium on players in the league that do have any kind of effective mid-range game.
And Kerr is (rightfully) beating up Curry over yesterday's performance---ESPN also rehashed some miscues from last year's finals. It looks like it might be time for GSW to start shopping for a true point guard and changing Curry's role to more of a catch-n-shoot one (he is 28 and his production has dropped). And those crazy team block numbers might be the result of guys getting beat too often on the perimeter.
Geez Minnesota, you have a snowball's chance of making the playoffs. Cut Wiggins' minutes, put Rubio, Tyus Jones, Dunn, Towns and another guy that can board on the court and see what happens. If the post/boards are covered those first 3 might be able to run most teams out of the gym.

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