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The Boxscore Geeks Show #7: All-out Fan Mode

And thanks to our amazing producer Brian, Boxscore Geeks Show #7 is live! We discuss the recent Boston/Miami/Golden State trade. We weigh in on the power rankings and the unlucky Wolves. We also talk Patrick's recent posts on height, and the Warriors. We also ask you, our loyal fans, for advice on our

Joel Anthony hasn't been good in years? He had a .112 WP48 over 566 minutes last year. He has hovered above .100 WP48 for his career. Sure he has a -.005 WP48 this year but this is over a sample size of only 37 minutes. This will add wins to Boston because he can and likely will take away minutes from Vitor Faverani and Kelly Olynyk. Plus losing Jordan Crawford is not a big deal because his production will be replaced and surpassed by Rondo returning.
I approve this message
I would definitely ask them if they heard of the Wins Produced metric and if so, what they think about it. Ask Uriji to trade DeRozan if you run into him!
i like that pau is just casually lounging in the background there
Great slogan for a shirt:
Tip #7
When your inefficient franchise player clanks his tenth shot in the first quarter, call the knicks by halftime.

The seven could have the knicks lettering alluding to their franchise player.

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